Seat Allocation Details

Programme LevelName of the CourseDurationEntry QualificationMedium of InstructionSanctioned or Approved Strudent Strength
Under Graduate LevelEnglish 3 Years+2English80
Tamil (Regular & SF) Tamil100
Oriental Culture English90
Commerce E/M English130
Commerce E/M SF English90
Economics E/M English40
Physics English48
Chemistry English48
Zoology English48
Plant Biology English40
Comp. Science English210
Mathematics English65
Post Graduate LevelPhysics 2 YearsB.Sc., PassEnglish16
Chemistry English36
Mathematics English35
Comp. Science English60
Zoology English20
Tamil B.A., PassEnglish35
English English35
Economics English20
Commerce English45
Oriental Culture English20
M.Phil., Oriental Culture English12
Commerce English20
Ph.D., Tamil Tamil15
Oriential Culture English10
Commerce English15
Economics English10
Physics English15
Chemistry English15
Zoology English15