CTC Payments in July 2024: How Much You’ll Get and How to Claim

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a crucial financial support program implemented by the US government to aid families with low incomes and dependent children.

As we approach July 2024, families need to stay informed about the latest updates regarding CTC deposit dates, payment amounts, and how to claim these benefits. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the Child Tax Credit for 2024.

Expected Deposit Dates

The IRS has announced that the Child Tax Credit deposits are tentatively set to begin on July 15, 2024. These payments will be distributed monthly, with each eligible family receiving $250 per month per qualifying child. It is important to note that these dates and amounts are subject to change based on eligibility and other determining factors.

Payment Amounts

For the year 2024, families who qualify for the Child Tax Credit can receive up to $2,000 per child annually. Out of this amount, a refundable portion of up to $1,700 is available, which is based on the 2023 tax filing period. This means that even if a family does not owe any taxes, they may still receive a portion of the credit as a refund.

Breakdown of CTC Payment Amounts:

  • Total Amount per Child: $2,000
  • Refundable Portion: Up to $1,700

Income Limits

The Child Tax Credit is designed to phase out based on the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) of the household. The income limits for the phase-out are as follows:

  • Married Filing Jointly: Phased out at $200,000
  • Head of Household: Phased out at $112,500
  • Single: Phased out at $75,000

Families whose MAGI exceeds these thresholds will see a reduction in the amount of CTC they are eligible to receive.

CTC Payments in July 2024: How Much You'll Get and How to Claim

How to Claim the Child Tax Credit

Claiming the Child Tax Credit involves several steps, and it is important to ensure accuracy to avoid any delays in receiving the payments. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to claim the CTC:

1. Collect Documents

Gather all necessary documents, including income statements, child-related expenses, and any other relevant financial documents.

2. Select Claiming Method

Decide whether to file your claim online or use the IRS Free File Services. Online filing is often quicker and can be more convenient.

3. Fill in Information

Accurately enter all required details, including information about your dependent children. Ensure all data is correct to avoid processing delays.

4. Verify Accuracy

Review your claim thoroughly to ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete.

5. File Tax Return

Submit your 2024 tax return by April 15, 2025, adhering to US Government guidelines. Timely submission is crucial to receive your benefits without delay.

Contact the IRS

If you encounter any issues or if your payments are delayed despite providing correct information, it is advisable to contact the IRS for assistance. They can provide guidance and help resolve any problems related to your CTC payments.

Who Qualifies for the CTC?

To qualify for the Child Tax Credit, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Age of Child: The child must be under 17 years old.
  • Citizenship: You and the child must be US citizens.
  • Income Limits: Your income must fall within the specified limits mentioned above.

Ensuring you meet these qualifications is essential for receiving the Child Tax Credit.



What is the Child Tax Credit (CTC)?

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a financial aid program provided by the US government to assist families with dependent children, particularly those with lower incomes.

When do CTC deposits start in 2024?

The CTC deposits are expected to start on July 15, 2024, with monthly payments being issued to eligible families.

How much can I receive from the CTC?

Eligible families can receive up to $2,000 per child annually, with a refundable portion of up to $1,700.

Who qualifies for the Child Tax Credit?

US citizens with dependent children under 17 years old, who meet specific income limits, qualify for the Child Tax Credit.

How do I claim the CTC?

To claim the CTC, gather all necessary documents, choose your filing method (online or IRS services), accurately fill in the required details, and submit your tax return by April 15, 2025.

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